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Data & AI

You aren’t using your data to its full potential. That’s why you’re here.

Our consulting teams start by delving into your business strategy. From there, we provide services encompassing the planning, architecting and seamless implementation of data-centric projects customized for your enterprise. Let us help you make the most of your data.

Forward-thinking. Rooted in experience.

Ollion offers a variety of services for a range of industries, from data strategy consulting and data management solutions to analytics, AI and ML, and data application services.

Our approach involves partnering closely with you to understand your unique goals and challenges. We can then align our solutions with your needs to help you manage your data insights needs and foster long-term success.

According to our tech-agnostic philosophy, Ollion collaborates with leaders across the tech space to bring you cutting-edge solutions. Our team members endeavor to stay current as those leading technologies develop and new offerings become available. This ensures your project team has the expertise necessary to deliver premium consulting solutions that help you meet, and often exceed, your goals.

"We want to understand the consumer more throughout their customer journey so that in turn, we are able to provide them the best experience that they deserve and that we’re known for: the comfortable experience."


What can Ollion do for you?

Data strategy

Achieve your future state vision with the shortest possible route. We help you shape your vision, plan for challenges and risks, and focus your organization on your new single source of truth.

Data management

Identify, capture and integrate data across your enterprise. Our data consulting services help you to build a solution that ensures your team has access to clean and reliable data to achieve your business goals.

Data analytics

Optimize data delivery and processing for an agile enterprise. We build solutions that transform your data into actionable intelligence with streamlined reporting processes and user-friendly dashboards.

AI and LLMs

Gain deeper business insights with real-world artificial intelligence and large language model services. Our data consulting teams include business-savvy data scientists who can quickly understand your business needs and implement a solution.

Data applications

Capitalize on new technologies with highly scalable applications tailored to your business needs, and make more informed decisions with embedded analytics.

Data Strategy

Bridge the gap between technology and business.

Data-driven organizations rely on modern data and analytics technologies to improve operations, attract new customers, increase profits and much more. From planning to technology selection to user adoption, our team’s data strategy services will help you drive data-driven insights for the long haul.

AI Strategy

Navigate the AI landscape and see through the hype.

Find deeper insights and unexpected trends in your data, and use that knowledge to automate solutions for more efficient and accurate decision-making. Ollion’s consulting teams can help you shape your AI vision, anticipate challenges and risks, develop your guiding principles that can adapt to evolving technology, and encourage change and user adoption to help you drive data-driven insights for the long haul.

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