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AWS Competencies and Designations

Harness the power of your cloud investment with a team of professionals that have the credentials to prove their skills to take your business to the next level.

Financial Services Competency


Empower your Financial Innovation with Ollion's AWS expertise

At Ollion, we believe that the future of finance is not just digital—it's innovative, secure, and customer-focused. With our AWS Financial Services Competency, we are at the forefront of transforming financial services through groundbreaking cloud solutions.

Our team excels in deploying AWS technologies that enhance everything from mobile banking to risk management systems, ensuring that your financial operations are not just efficient, but also resilient and future-ready.

Success stories:


Elevate your audience’s experience and turn your vision into a reality with AWS and Ollion

At Ollion, we understand that each story is unique, and every audience is different. That's why we specialize in harnessing the vast capabilities of AWS to provide customized solutions that enhance content production, streamline workflow efficiencies, and maximize distribution impact. Whether you’re looking to innovate in streaming, broadcasting, digital effects, or content personalization, we provide the tools and expertise to make your content shine in its best light.

With Ollion's AWS Media & Entertainment Competency, we empower creators, broadcasters, and content providers to transform their visions into realities and engage audiences in new ways.

Success stories:

Media & Entertainment Competency
Microsoft Workloads Services Competency


Unleash seamless potential – Ollion transforms your Microsoft workloads on AWS

Navigate Microsoft workloads with ease and confidence with Ollion’s expertise and capabilities. Our team specializes in making your transition to the cloud seamless and efficient, whether you’re migrating SQL Server or deploying enterprise scale Windows-based applications.

At Ollion we do more than just lift and shift: we transform your Microsoft Workloads into dynamic and fully optimized cloud-driven assets.

Our client focused approach begins by understanding your specific needs and goals, then our team tailors AWS solutions to not only meet but exceed your expectations.


Transform data into decisions and get better business outcomes with Ollion’s expertise with AWS Analytics

We specialize in transforming complex data into clear, actionable insights that propel your business forward. Harness our expertise in AWS technology to streamline data processes, enhance analytics, and enable smarter decision-making. With Ollion, you gain a partner committed to elevating your data strategy and achieving tangible results. Let’s explore the possibilities together and turn data into your competitive advantage.

Success stories:

AWS Config Delivery

Ensure your AWS resources are always optimized, compliant, and secure with Ollion's expertise in AWS Config. Our proficiency in managing AWS environments provides you with continuous monitoring and automated management capabilities, ensuring your configurations align perfectly with industry standards and best practices.

With Ollion, you can confidently manage changes, track compliance, and enhance security across your entire AWS infrastructure. Partner with us to maintain an efficient, secure, and compliant cloud environment, allowing you to focus more on innovation and less on administration.

Data & Analytics Competency
AWS DevOps Consulting Competency


Fast-track innovation with Ollion's DevOps expertise

Accelerate your development and operational efficiency with Ollion’s expert DevOps solutions. Our approach integrates seamless collaboration and rapid innovation to enhance your project lifecycle, enabling continuous integration and delivery without the complexity.

At Ollion, we focus on automating and optimizing processes, ensuring your team achieves peak performance with robust security and compliance. Partner with us to elevate your capabilities and lead the way in a dynamic digital landscape.

AWS RDS Delivery

We specialize in delivering managed relational database service solutions that are scalable, cost-efficient, and resilient. With Ollion’s guidance, transitioning to Amazon RDS or optimizing your existing deployments becomes a strategic advantage, enabling better performance, automatic software patching, and scalable capacity without downtime.

Our commitment to excellence in database management means your critical data is always available and secure. We help you leverage the full spectrum of Amazon RDS features to power your applications with the efficiency and reliability you need. Partner with Ollion to transform your data handling capabilities and drive smarter, data-driven decisions across your organization.

AWS Redshift Delivery

Unlock the full potential of your data with Ollion's expert management of Amazon Redshift. Our team enables you to leverage this powerful data warehouse solution to run complex queries, gain insights faster, and scale efficiently with your data needs.

With Ollion’s support, optimize your data analytics and transform information into actionable, valuable insights. Partner with us to drive innovation and achieve a competitive edge through superior data management.


Seamless transition, superior execution – Master migration with Ollion

Navigate the complexities of cloud migration with Ollion's recognized AWS Migration Competency. We specialize in crafting tailored migration strategies that minimize downtime, optimize costs, and ensure seamless transitions to the cloud. Our proven methodologies and deep understanding of AWS tools empower your organization to achieve a swift and secure move, no matter the scale and our team of experts take care of your migration so your technical team can focus on the business.

With Ollion, benefit from a strategic partnership that supports you before, during, and after migration. We ensure that your digital transformation aligns with your business objectives, enhancing operational efficiencies and paving the way for future innovations. Partner with Ollion to transform your migration journey into a competitive advantage.

Success stories:

AWS Migration Competency


Optimize your cloud, maximize your potential

At Ollion, we don’t just manage your cloud environment; we enhance it. Our strategic approach includes continual performance analysis and real-time adjustments to ensure peak operation.

Partner with Ollion to benefit from a cloud operations strategy that not only supports your current needs but also scales to meet your future growth. Empower your business with high-performing, resilient cloud operations that drive success in an ever-evolving digital landscape.


Be prepared for the unpredictable with Ollion

Build a robust and resilient cloud infrastructure with Ollion’s expertise in AWS Resiliency. Our team is dedicated to designing and implementing solutions that ensure your operations remain uninterrupted and secure, no matter the challenge. We provide comprehensive resilience planning, disaster recovery strategies, and continuous risk assessment to safeguard your critical data and applications against disruptions.

Ollion’s approach to resilience goes beyond recovery; we focus on proactive measures that prevent issues before they occur and ensure rapid recovery if they do. By integrating resilience into the core of your infrastructure, we help you maintain business continuity and secure a competitive edge in today’s fast-paced digital environment.

AWS Resiliency Competency
Public Sector Designation


Transforming Public Services for a smarter tomorrow with Ollion’s AWS expertise

In the world of Public Sector, innovation provides not just better outcomes but improves lives. Ollion’s business-smart & human-kind approach blends those two components for the sector that needs it, supporting innovation and world changing initiatives while also maintaining efficiency and security required of this field.

By partnering with Ollion, you're not just upgrading your technological capabilities—you're bringing innovation and inclusion to your organization. We bring the power of AWS to the table, tailored specifically to public needs, ensuring security, compliance, and scalability are at the heart of your operations.

From revitalizing educational platforms to enhancing public safety networks, Ollion is here to guide and support every step of your digital transformation journey.


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