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Custom embedded analytics

A national trade association with thousands of local associations across the U.S. wanted to improve the quality and access of key data for their local association leadership. Their goal was to create a custom embedded analytics portal for trade association leaders to easily search for data they needed, run reports, and view dashboards with insightful information and statistics from the national and local levels. This information would be used for benchmarking, finding experts in a particular area and enabling networking with peers.



Our trade association client wanted to improve data quality and access for their local associations, which number in the thousands across the U.S. Their existing processes were highly manual and prone to error.


They chose to partner with Ollion to build out custom embedded analytics for trade association insights on national and local levels, with user-specific permissions to ensure data security.


The embedded analytics portal is easy to use and flexible as our client’s needs change, allowing them to investigate the metrics that matter to them on a near-real-time basis.

The challenge

Our U.S. trade association client is the parent association for thousands of local associations throughout the U.S. As part of the service to their local associations, this national association collects, centralizes and reports on data from the local associations. The local associations then use this data to gain insights, make decisions and more.

Our client's existing method for collecting data and sharing reports was highly manual and prone to error, and information was delivered via one-off reports rather than an on-demand analytics tool. After working with Ollion on several custom application development and data projects, this client chose us to build out a custom reporting application that would:

  • Provide rich data analytics to all of the local associations, institutes and benefit partners
  • Allow users to securely access data and analytics within a user-friendly platform
  • Include different data access and permission levels for different user roles
  • Unlock insights that association leaders could use for market intelligence, operational improvements and more
  • Provide user-friendly dashboards at a competitive price point

The solution

Ollion helped make the client’s vision a reality by developing a custom embedded analytics portal. The solution included data analytics powered by the user-friendly Power BI analytics platform. Our team worked closely with the client to understand which permissions and data access should be enabled for different user types and reporting needs. This information was used to ensure users only had access to information that was appropriate for them and to restrict access to sensitive or secure data.

Ollion created the analytics portal using .Net, Power BI and Microsoft Azure. The custom web application enabled users to access and analyze their data in an intuitive and easy-to-use portal that matched the look and feel of our client’s brand. The solution also made it easy for account administrators to update content, add new users and adjust permission levels as required.

Additionally, by using Power BI Embedded, Ollion saved the client thousands of dollars each year as they needed just one Power BI Pro license rather than having to hold licenses for every user accessing the reports through the custom analytics portal.

The outcome

The embedded analytics portal was an instant success with both the parent association and the local associations. The solution enabled users to see insightful reports and dashboards that helped them get the data they needed.

Managing the solution has been very easy for our client as well. Since the initial rollout, they have been able to add content and dashboards to the portal without any additional support, training or development work. As their needs change, they will be able to easily adjust the content, features and permissions on their own.

Here are some of the near real-time metrics that the client and their local associations can quickly and easily view as a result of this custom embedded analytics portal:

  • Areas within their organizations that are at risk of not being compliant with required trainings
  • Percentage of trade association membership that has participated in committees and other volunteerism
  • Current and predicted membership percentages that have reached premier status within the trade association at the national and regional levels
  • Outreach statistics for the amount of valid contact information along with detailed suggestions for improvement
  • Industry trends, comparing a local association’s performance with others

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