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Power BI reporting for healthcare

This healthcare client had a centralized data warehouse and was already using Power BI for reporting, but they were seeing an increased need for formal financial reporting on a regular basis. They wanted a repeatable way to pull and update their data required for financial reporting, specifically their MD&A.



This healthcare client needed a pixel-perfect report so their executives could review financial reporting in a familiar format.


Ollion used Power BI and Excel to allow for easily refreshed quarterly reports.


Ultimately, Ollion provided a familiar, easy-to-read reporting solution using no additional software beyond what the organization already used.

The challenge

This healthcare client did not want to use legacy reporting software (SSRS) but needed a pixel-perfect report so their executives could review reporting in a familiar format. The client wanted to utilize their MD&A metrics in other Power BI reporting without rewriting definitions in multiple places (e.g., both Excel and Power BI). Essentially, they wanted to have a “single source of truth” for these metrics.

The solution

First, the Ollion team worked with our client to define the metrics they wanted to report on. Next, we developed the definitions in Power BI and published the data set containing the metrics to Power BI Service. We were then able to connect the Power BI data set in Excel to pull the trusted metrics into pivot tables.

Once the metrics were prepared, our consultants developed the Excel report with the required formatting and saved the report to a shared drive so our client’s executives can view the report as needed. After the Power BI data set is refreshed for each quarter, the Excel report can be refreshed with the click of a button to provide ongoing access.

The outcome

This healthcare client has access to quarterly reporting in a familiar, easy-to-read format for presentation to their executives. Trusted data comes from a single source of truth; multiple formats are available using the same data, so there are no discrepancies. Additionally, time is saved in comparing and reviewing numbers across multiple data sets with this increased trust in their data.

Furthermore, our client now has repeatable reporting – the data source only needs to be refreshed. Every quarter, refreshing the report means it takes seconds rather than days to create new reports and underlying queries. Most impactful, no software was required beyond what the enterprise was already using.

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