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Modern IT infrastructure for value-added creatives

Moroch Partners is an integrated marketing agency specializing in multi-unit and franchise marketing creatives and digital media. Seeking a cloud solution, they partnered with Ollion for end-to-end cloud transformation. With over 40 years of expertise, Moroch prioritizes data, technology, and analytics, fostering lasting connections for their clients through a silo-free culture.



Lack of true cloud native expertise within their team presented the greatest challenge to Moroch’s IT operations. Having never been in the cloud, Moroch was unsure how to make the move ahead in their cloud transformation journey.


Ollion conducted a thorough evaluation of Azure and AWS for Moroch, aligning with their business needs. Opting for AWS, we provided a detailed migration roadmap, prepared for costs and datacenter departure, and initiated the migration. Our suite of managed services ensures a smooth transition, followed by application modernization post-migration completion.


Moroch Partners now leverages cloud-native innovation, propelling rapid and efficient growth.

The challenge

Initially, there was resistance within the company to evolve Moroch's infrastructure so dramatically. Having always operated on-premises, the choice by Moroch's President to move to the cloud was a substantial shift in culture. To get everyone onboard with the migration, Moroch's leaders needed to emphasize and educate on the benefits of innovation to outweigh assumed stresses.

After accessing Moroch's networks, Ollion uncovered storage and resiliency issues in their on-prem location. The building experienced regular power outages and air conditioning failures that required constant upkeep and maintenance.

Transforming Moroch

Moroch was stuck wasting resources on new equipment and doit-yourself fixes that often demanded attention on weekends and holidays. These problems prevented Moroch from scaling, operating efficiently, and growing their business. Acting more as procurement and emergency management, Moroch's IT department wasn't able to both add value to the company, and handle the regular breaks.

The solution

Ollion completed a cloud agnostic assessment of both Azure and AWS based on Moroch's culture, footprint, and teams. The assessment was tailored to their existing technology, internal cloud and IT aptitude, business goals and gaps, and included a comprehensive view of their current and future state. We compared migration costs, which were pretty similar, and gave them a pricing comparison when right-sized in the cloud.

Ollion presented an executive overview of the assessment to Moroch's President, CEO, CFO, CTO, and VP of IT. Together, Moroch leadership and Ollion cloud experts discussed migration timelines, one-time expenses, ongoing operations TCO – including Ollion costs for managed services – available funding within each cloud, and Windows integration.

Moroch's strategic AWS migration

Once Moroch made the tactical decision to migrate to AWS, they knew the benefits of their migration strategy and could distil that throughout their culture. Ollion created a full roadmap of migration and kicked-off the second stage of our engagement, actually leaving the on-prem environment and moving into AWS. Migration also included onboarding Moroch for managed services, including not only foundational management, but also managing their databases.

It includes our full security and compliance offering, continuous optimization on the environment, partner lead inner price support, and once they are fully onboarded operationally, Ollion will start modernizing application sets.

The outcome

The biggest benefit to Moroch was successfully migrating out of their unstable, on-prem environment, and into the modern AWS cloud. Now Moroch is able to take advantage of innovation from a cloud native perspective for fast and efficient growth. Limited storage, failing infrastructure, and internal cloud expertise is no longer an issue, allowing the Moroch IT department to focus on advancing their capabilities to achieve overall business goals. In their modern IT environment and having partnered with Ollion for managed cloud services, Moroch has greater agility, resiliency, scalability, and business continuity capability.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner and AWS Premier Partner, Ollion supported Moroch's decision-making process with an unbiased, business-specific assessment of their cloud options. Ollion was able to offer funding for the migration provided by Azure and AWS. Equipped with a complete picture of migration timelines, and interim, ramp-up, and ongoing costs, plus funding, Moroch knew the TCO for each cloud. Having these hard numbers available made cost assessment simple.

Unbiased technology evaluation empowers Moroch's strategic cloud decision

From a technology point of view, Ollion remained impartial in our evaluation. Moroch leadership utilized the side-byside comparison, as well as Ollion experts to make their strategic decision with confidence. Prior to partnering with Ollion, Moroch was leaning heavily toward Azure based on some common preconceived notions. Because Moroch is a Microsoft operation, they were told Azure would be the easiest cloud for their internal teams to learn, the most cost-effective option, and provide the most funding support.

They also came in with the misconception that Windows workloads do not run well on AWS, and AWS is not able to license Windows workloads. Most concerning was the fear that Amazon could and would access their data without authorization.

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