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Automated financial reporting

This American pharmaceuticals manufacturer develops, manufactures and markets generic and prescription drugs, as well as animal and consumer health products.


Data Centralization through Data Warehousing


This pharmaceutical client’s financial month-end process was highly manual and therefore time-consuming, costly and prone to errors.


The Ollion team converted business logic to run on Snowflake and set up an Azure environment using ADF to automate several processes.


Our client was able to end their support contract with the large consulting firm they were working with prior to this project, freeing up financial resources and allowing staff to focus on other pressing needs.

The challenge

This pharmaceutical client’s financial month-end process required multiple consulting firm resources to run, which was financially burdensome. It also required a team of internal resources to dedicate numerous hours each month to data manipulation, validation and troubleshooting. They sought to cut costs and time spent on this process so their staff could address other pressing needs.

The solution

Our client’s finance team ran their month-end close process using Amazon Redshift and Tableau Server workbooks that contained custom SQL logic. They would load Redshift with data each month and then, one after another, they would run Tableau workbooks to extract, transform, validate and reupload data to Redshift. It was a very manual process prone to human errors supported by two resources at a large consulting firm.

Ollion’s challenge was to remove the business logic from the Tableau Server workbooks and convert it to run on Snowflake. We then needed to set up our client’s Azure environment and use ADF to automate several processes, such as refreshing workbooks, extracting and manipulating data from Tableau reports, and inserting the data into other Snowflake tables used for further Tableau reports.

The impact

The Ollion team trained a resource who has successfully maintained our solution with minimal help. Because of this, our client was able to move off of Redshift and Tableau Server; they then ended their support contract with the consulting firm they were working with prior to this project. Additionally, we automated several manual processes, freeing up client resources and saving them time and money.

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