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Site reliability entertainment for M&E workloads

Your media company is increasingly reliant on complex, high-performance web and mobile applications to deliver content to your audiences.


Overcome challenges by optimizing your M&E workloads

Implementing SRE principles and practices help to address these challenges and improve the reliability and performance of M&E workloads on our website.

Why Ollion

Ollion employs Modern Cloud Operations frameworks as compared to more traditional operations. This enables us to deploy our SRE for M&E workflow to create a highly scalable and adaptable process. Ollion, in conjunction with AWS, has the knowledge and experience to streamline the process that ultimately creates significant value for your business, improves your operations and increases your monetization potential.

To learn more about Ollion, contact us to review the specific needs of your business. We can develop the plan to help integrate with your organization and development teams to establish SRE practices across your organization in a cost-effective manner.