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AWS and Ollion: Harness the power of RAG with AI on AWS

Harness the power of advanced AI by integrating Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) into your business ecosystem. Transform your data into a knowledgeable asset, driving intelligent interactions and on-demand insights.

Are these scenarios familiar?

  • Struggling to extract value and insights from your data without costly and time-consuming development
  • Seeking a 24/7 expert system to answer intricate data-based queries
  • Need for transparency in AI-driven responses to trust the intelligence

Ollion's solutions can empower you to drive intelligent interactions by engaging with an AI chatbot that operates as the subject matter expert of your business. With observability features, you’ll be able to understand your AI's "chain of thought" and gain confidence in its responses, while a robust data platform ensures your AI models leverage the most current and relevant data.

We implement solutions using various tools and technologies, including AWS Bedrock, AWS OpenSearch, AWS Aurora and more.