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A bold new tech consultancy for a changing world

Introducing Ollion, a bold new tech consultancy for a changing world. Ollion was formed from the merging of leading born-in-the-cloud consulting firms, so we know firsthand the powerful transformative effects of the cloud and are proud to be at the forefront of a new wave of digital transformation. Find out how we’re breaking the consulting mold.


A bold new tech consultancy for a changing world

Peter Wright, CEO

Digital transformation is hitting the professional services and consulting industry. Hard.

No one wants a six-figure consulting engagement ending with a 100-page strategy document or tech implemented for tech’s sake.

No one wants knowledge to be concentrated in a consultant who embeds in their business, charges a hefty fee and never leaves.

No one wants to be told what to do by others who aren’t accountable for the outcome.

Technology is now interwoven through all aspects of business. It’s a core productivity driver. The modern consulting firm is tech-enabled – from collecting and analyzing data and building experiments to testing ideas and scaling proven decisions.

In addition, digital business models that put the people and customers at the center of an organization’s mission are out-performing traditional companies.

The modern consulting firm operates at the intersection of strategy, tech and people. It partners with enterprises to help develop modern ways of working, assists in accelerating innovation through experimentation and prototyping, helps scale solutions across the enterprise and its clients, all while transferring knowledge and skill at the same time. The modern tech consulting firm gives more than it takes and empowers people along the way.

Ollion is a new age tech consultancy.

As the CEO of Ollion, formed from the merging of leading born-in-the-cloud consulting firms in North America and Asia, I know firsthand the powerful transformative effects of the cloud.

We've seen many consulting companies dipping their toes into these waters, making acquisitions and investments in the cloud, and even launching new sub-brands. We come from the other side – the tech side.

Our technology roots are important because we build things. We test things. We’re grounded in the practical and are accountable for outcomes. Combine this with expertise in digital business models, modern ways of working, change management and an understanding of the impact of tech on people and you get real results that help make the world a better place.

As enterprises increasingly look through a customer lens to create value, business units have more influence over executing strategy. When business units seek external assistance, they are looking for consulting firms that can speak their language. Firms that get their hands dirty working side by side with the enterprise. Firms that upskill and empower the enterprise.

As we discovered in our market research, many organizations are frustrated by the lack of accountability of traditional consulting firms. As a result, we’re seeing a groundswell of demand for something different in the consulting and IT space. People are seeking firms that are more pragmatic, that can help drive change at a grassroots level, that can enable enterprises with new tools and skills.

All in on Ollion

We have built a new age tech consultancy. A consultancy that’s all in on your future. We call ourselves Ollion.

Driving measurable value from digital transformation? We’re all in.

Making sure it’s applied in a way that benefits humanity? We’re all in.

Doing work that’s good for you and better for your customers? We’re definitely all in.

Transferring knowledge and ways of working? We’re all in.

Building digital-literate communities? We’re all in.

A culture built for people by people

We’re all in on being generous. We’re committed to sharing technology, ideas and ways of working. We believe in the power of communities to effect change. We actively participate in contributing to the open source community. We believe that the only way to address the serious shortcomings in digital skills around the world is to develop the people already in the enterprise. We continually learn and explore new possibilities.

We’re all in on finding the angle. We are clear about defining outcomes that make a difference to businesses and people. We understand tech and know it has a tremendous impact on driving results. More importantly, we understand how tech can provide a positive difference to the enterprise. We find a differentiated angle in everything we do.

We’re all in on a mandate to explore. We work at the intersection of strategy, people and technology. We are all in co-creating with our clients. Working backwards from the customer or defined need, we turn strategy into measurable and accountable deliverables that provide better insights and improve decision-making and innovation rates. We continually learn and explore new possibilities so you can move faster, be more impactful and become more relevant.

We are all in on being open by default. We’re transparent. We tell it as it is. We understand that we’re only limited by our vision and ambition. We are accountable, and we produce measurable deliverables.

How we do it

We are a tech-enabled consultancy. Small enough for intimacy, big enough for impact. We turn strategy into action via tech. We solve problems where traditional techniques fall short. And we do this with a constant focus on the effect of change on people.

Cloud technologies have enabled business units to be accountable for innovation and become more customer- and people-centric. It’s this enablement that has driven the first wave of digital transformation. Often called “Systems of Innovation,” these solutions have proliferated based on personalization, improved customer journeys and convenience. These initiatives have delivered improved client outcomes and increased enterprise productivity.

However, Systems of Innovation have typically prioritized innovation over governance. They’re limited by the constraints of the legacy Systems of Record on which they depend for crucial company and customer data and workflows, and they lack the governance and controls of Systems of Record.

The next wave of digital transformation more fundamentally addresses enterprise technical debt and reduces information silos within the enterprise. By clearly understanding digital transformation objectives, we can help to define and implement information workflows within the enterprise by unlocking the constraints of the legacy systems of record. We do this by working with the business units and the IT teams, leading where required, supporting where necessary and helping transfer skill, methodologies and capabilities along the way. And we do this with accountable and measurable engagements.

Ultimately, the objective of an organization is to be able to have the responsive and customer-centric benefits offered by Systems of Innovation and incorporate the governance, trust and control of Systems of Differentiation. Coming together as Ollion, our focus is to provide these competencies to the enterprise while fostering your independence.

Transformation should mean something

We want to bring you the best of the new wave of digital transformation, putting that knowledge and skill in your hands so your business can thrive after our consulting team has gone. Ollion has had the opportunity to work with many enterprise organizations around the world. We’d love the opportunity to share our experiences with you.

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