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Live broadcast delivery and playout

As consumers cut cords, demand for IP-based live-streaming platforms is growing exponentially, consuming channels on the web, mobile, tablets and smart TVs.


Optimize delivery of live broadcasts and playout

AWS Elemental MediaLive, in combination with Amazon's CloudFront content delivery network enables media companies to seamlessly stream, transcode, and deliver their live broadcast and playout content at scale through different feeds and media channels.

Why Ollion

Broadcasting and playout from the cloud requires a highly scalable and adaptable process that involves significant coordination and effort. Ollion, in conjunction with AWS, has the knowledge and experience to streamline the process that creates significant value for your business, improves your operations, and increases your monetization potential. To learn more about how Ollion can help you orchestrate the playout of live channels through internet protocol, contact us to review the specific needs of your business. We can develop a plan to optimize your delivery and extract the valuable data your platform contains in an efficient, timely, and cost-effective plan.