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Cloud cost management assessment

Ollion helps organizations optimize cloud spending with a proven methodology, using an Innovation Scoring system for data-driven insights, visibility, and informed decision-making.

The challenge

Organizations' cloud spend often exceeds their budget. Sounds familiar? Most organizations lack the skills, tools, and knowledge to drive the cultural discipline necessary to govern and manage cloud costs.

The solution

At Ollion, we approach Cloud Cost Management differently. Our Cloud Cost Assessment provides actionable findings across specific areas to deliver immediate impact and lower your cloud spend. Some of these areas include:

  • Improperly Sized EC2 Instances
  • Family Refresh Recommendations
  • Expiring Savings Plans/Reservations & Modifications
  • S3 Storage lifecycle Recommendations
  • Idle instances Report
  • Security Risk Exposure

The outcome

Ollion’s proven methodology uses our proprietary Innovation Scoring system identifying opportunities for optimization and modernization in a data-driven way. Your entire organization gains both insight and visibility on how their cloud utilization decisions impact the business down to a department level, enabling informed decisions and appropriate tradeoffs to meet budgetary pressure.

Ollion’s clients subscribing to cloud cost management services save on average more than 30% on their monthly cloud spend.

Working with Ollion

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what can be done to reduce cloud costs. Our experienced data scientists and architects will work collaboratively with your team to determine the best approach to implementing a continuous Cloud Cost Management program. Initial assessments are offered at no charge.