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The business leader's guide to AI

Take the first step in optimizing your AI business strategy. Download the business leader's guide to AI.


Philip Howard, Director of Data Applications - Data Insights
Evi Hatzopoulos, Director of Strategy and Growth - Data Insights

Are you feeling the AI FOMO?

If you haven't incorporated AI into your business, it's natural for you to feel like you're missing out.

You might feel overwhelmed and behind the curve, but it's important to remember that incorporating AI into your business well is a process that takes time and planning. To fully benefit from AI, you must have a well-defined strategy and shift your focus to long-term success.

This guide will provide a foundational understanding of AI and help you take the first step in optimizing your AI business strategy.

Sections include:

  • A guide to key AI terms
  • Industry-specific benefits and use cases of AI
    • Financial services
    • Healthcare
    • Insurance
    • Legal and professional services
    • Manufacturing and consumer packaged goods (CPG)
    • Media and entertainment (M&E)
    • Private equity
    • Retail and e-commerce
  • Critical considerations for your AI strategy
  • Evaluating your business readiness for AI

Download the guide.